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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

L0l YAY finally got my com fixed after so long :) hahas duno wat to say sia so long nvr touch the computer la :D

Qing . 6:18:00 PM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lol i changed place with amanda in scu now i am sitting with prashanth hahas cos amanda de math abit weak need help from teck leng :) hahas now in scu den ltr got speech day rehersal non-full dress de lol tmr is good fri ( Jack's BD) den today is Jazrine BD hahas lol den our classmates were busy screaming happy BD song in canteen n in class today till Jazrine was some how pissed off with tt song ... some how ... i dunno how ... hahas dint noe we got a class blog till today the group of girls (gladys dey all) go tell Mr Haja go put on our com lol good friday rocks and ... zzzzz

Qing . 2:16:00 PM

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lol oh i changed my blog skin and tis looks much nicer , k dun ask me y i deleted the chat box i oso dunno y zzz i accidentaly deleted it n guese wat ? i did not copy on a file so i lost it k i am trying hard to make a new one so lets just w8 n see ... hahas tis back ground nice sia i like it woo hoo haiz tmr lit test on sing to the dawn lol k wok harder tommorrow lets slak today ... hey btw i bought a HP hahas ex-xinmin de if wan number can ask from msn cos no cbox now zzz ....

Qing . 2:19:00 PM

Saturday, April 4, 2009

oh great week end now good mood today which i have no idea y so borrowed sis com to use and take a look here hahas btw gingen hahas i kinda listen to u liao la tts y i dun irritate ppl uch now i dun even bother to tok to others jus incase u all hate me again hahas if u even go and notic ( which i noe u are too lazy to ) i change liao lors hahas nah i not active anymore cos got impact liao so nvm ... hahas btw i dun really wanna bring tis up so i better stfu btw jus smething i wanna say : if i nvr go irritate u dun come irritate me hahas no offence cos sometimes i sit down there during free period got some kinda ppl come to me n scold me for complete noting ... hahas if i had offended u den i here by apologise (peace) btw another ting i really dunno la hahas eh tricia can ask tt wat i offended u y u always cu here scold me ? yea rite i admit i am abit hyper at the beggining of the year but now i dun le so pls forgive me and stop all those nonsense which is quite irritating :) hahas if i had done anyting rong it is ok to post to TELL me not scold me hahas tricia the mouth very power de i do notin den she walk towards to me n say BITcH (i am a guy) den she walk away i was like wth ?? lol hahas nvm ooo btw now change drama tcher le :) ok no idea wat to say kk sorry for all tose ting i done btw forgive me :) happy day no much HW so ... yea rite no HW ... Oh yea minggie 3 wats ur address hvnt tell me den u wan me to link u liao hahas ... tell me leh how i noe ur address O.o

Qing . 12:17:00 PM

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Haiz today very sien no com at home come couson hous play play den com laglag woooooo =.= notin to say haiz i sprained my leg ... sibei tia ....

Qing . 2:06:00 PM

Monday, March 16, 2009

Eh lol long tym nvr come back read all tose tags liao kinda cool dat i found myself with so much tags ( all nagative ) diao lol eheheh btw zhi yi u so funny one like u got alot of tine like devin like to go other ppls place go put all sorts of "funny funny" things den go away like its very fun lidat ... lol i dint do tt on ur blog seh why the hell u come back to eff around and go away agn i dun get it sia my com spoil so long liao i play com oso us lend from sis so i can do holiday HW u tink i got so much time tok kok with u meh (nvm la now sis sleeping so got lots of time) well i duno which lame guy do tt fkin stuff well and btw devin bo offence la but all i noe is u r the only guy hu has so much time on earth tt u will do tis tts all i noe but mayb got DEVIN 2 come out i oso duno la so tt is y i put 80 percent is devin (i dint say its u) cos u like to do all tis ma u at home got so much time on earth tt u can do all tis crappy stuff lol ... wen i was changing skin i go reag all tag den i was lyk wth ... zhi yi use de language is so dam chim sia i only see bitch n fuck den i noe wat it means le ... zhi yi if u really wanna scold pls b short n sweet - fuck .

Qing . 10:30:00 AM

Saturday, March 14, 2009

wa pro sia got some inda funny ppl use my name go zhiyi blog to ko lol eh ps zhiyi tts not me =.= i tink is devin tan u=n yong la he crap de he always do tis kinda fkin stuff =.= n btw dun scol me in ur blog till so cam leh =.= lol really really not me =.= diao ... ...

Qing . 5:16:00 PM